Thursday, August 28, 2008

Story of a Basketball Father's Failure

So we sat down for dinner tonight after a big day.  The biggest news of the day is that after much work the kids are finally registered for school!  Each child had to see an Illinois doctor (which took three hours yesterday), had to have their transcripts sent, and had to get a very official birth certificate sent.  The birth certificate we still do not have, but that is a story in itself.  The point is they are registered!

Luke's teacher is Mrs. McFarland (trying to convince him that she has to be at least some kind of relation to Mr. [Ronald] McDonald but he isn't buying it).  Alise's teacher is Mrs. Chung, and Emily's teacher is Mrs. Jordan.  

So at supper I said to Emily that maybe her teacher is Michael Jordon's wife and her response stung me and made me realize that I have truly failed as a basketball father.  :(  Emily said, "Who is Michael Jordan?"  Now you have to understand that we are a basketball family.  We have spent a lot of time at the gym, and we talk about it some around the house - okay a lot.  Michael Jordan is basketball - how could I have failed and not educated them about this great man whose town I now reside in?  It was a blow.

Then Luke saved the day, or so I thought.  His blue eyes got huge and even though I was a mere 20 inches from him he loudly and enthusiatically (Luke is enthusiatic about everything even seeing dogs and a squirrel running around while at a zoo - true story) proclaimed that he knew Michael Jordan!  Instantly I was proud of my son.   Of course the girls might not know of Michael but my son - he does.  I was relieved that I was not a total failure. 

Right behind the feeling of pride though, came a feeling of doubt as Luke does have a history of being enthusiatically wrong at times.  So with some trepidation I asked him how he knew about the great Michael Jordan.  Luke now was feeling pride in his own expertise as he could see in my eyes  how proud I was of him.  With equal enthusiasm he yelled, "He plays for the Willmar Basketball team!"  

Suddenly I realized that I had truly failed.  Luke does not have any idea of who Michael Jordan is.  I'm sure Jordan Smith who does play for the Willmar Cardinals would appreciate being compared to MJ but I'll be the first to tell him that although he is very good, he is not the next coming of Air Jordan.  

No, I have to come to grips with the fact that my children truly have not seen Michael Jordan play, nor do they even know of his existence.  Wouldn't it be sad if at the end of your life your kids didn't know, not about MJ, but about Jesus?  That you as a parent never introduced them to their Savior?  Thank goodness it was only MJ we forgot to tell them about.

Anyway, did you see Luke's form in that picture?  Michael Jordan move out of the way... 




Eli said...

You guys rock! I love your blog - full of info and funnies. I'll be checking in regulary. :) Blessings!

Jesse and Eli

meganleah said...

Good story. Good story. And, yes, nice form Luke!

JC said...

Not only did I see the nice form in the picture but I also see the reason behind the story in the first place...the PIPES/GUNS on the guy with the red shirt. Dave is a humble guy so I will say it for him: "Did you check out the pipes on that guy!!!"


Dave, You better approve this posting.