Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Awana Contest

Wacky Hair Night at Awana proved to be a success for Luke and Natalie! Natalie won the girl's division with a large ring as her prize. And Luke won the boys division with a toy car prize (of which he gave away to a boy that cried really hard when he was not the winner).
Of course, it helped that they were boosted by each others vote because who wouldn't vote for your own sibling? :)

And as usual, Natalie always has a silly pose to give.

I needed to post our trip to Kentucky, but I thought that I would slip these pictures in quick so be looking for Kentucky pictures tomorrow or the next day!

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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Time to Update!

Dear Friends and Family that are so kind to check our Blog every once in a while!
We have been terrible Bloggers lately!! There is not much to report from here, but I will try to give a summary:

Emily: Playing basketball with great leadership and skill! Still gets herself up early in the morning for band and basketball practice on most mornings. Enjoys youth group at church and hanging out with her dad at home.

Alise: Learning Spanish after school 2 days a week. Can't wait for running club to start. Patiently teaches her sister,
Natalie, all that she can. Loves hanging out with her friends and wishes for 3 dogs. Shopping is her favorite activity!

Luke: Needs more space to run and sport around. Loves his time in the gym after church every Sunday where we usually drag him out of all sweaty and happy. Has a talent for drawing! Is a super North Park Vikings fan! Still talks a lot!

Natalie: Loves anything that her sister, Alise, enjoys. Is learning how to read and write better. Loves to make friends, especially friends above the age of 18. Knows how to make her brother yell. Will gladly clean anyones kitchen floor and dust the whole house - busy work is her forte!

Dave: Finishing up his last semester with gusto! Looking forward to May 14!

Anita: Loves the warm weather this week! Financial Aid is still the best job!

All for now! Hopefully the next Blog Update will be soon and exciting. :)

Seminary Friends: Natalie, Emily, Luke, Ethan, Karsten, Alise, Kyra, Amara

The Great Viking Fan!

Looking Fancy

Emily #12

The kids

Birthday present to add to her dog collection

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