Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Awana Contest

Wacky Hair Night at Awana proved to be a success for Luke and Natalie! Natalie won the girl's division with a large ring as her prize. And Luke won the boys division with a toy car prize (of which he gave away to a boy that cried really hard when he was not the winner).
Of course, it helped that they were boosted by each others vote because who wouldn't vote for your own sibling? :)

And as usual, Natalie always has a silly pose to give.

I needed to post our trip to Kentucky, but I thought that I would slip these pictures in quick so be looking for Kentucky pictures tomorrow or the next day!

Posted by: Anita O.


Anonymous said...

It was a very pleasant surprise to see pictures of the Awana hair night. So cute! Thanks! Mom

Becky said...

I LOVE the pictures!! So cute! and how sweet that Luke is...giving away his prize.

Josh C. said...

Yeah! They got it right this time! :) Dave's post facebook about them doing wacky hair night on the wrong night was hilarious! Can't wait to see you guys...3 1/2 weeks!

Tim and Krista said...

Great hair kiddos and awesome picture of you two.So photogenic. :) Miss you.

Love Auntie K