Thursday, September 4, 2008

School In Chicago!

The kids were served their traditional "last meal" before their freedom ended and the daily grind of school began.  Emily was the most excited for school as the other kids had found friends in the building to hang out with.  Emily, however had no luck meeting someone her age so she was bored and couldn't wait to get to school.  Of course a bored Emily isn't great for in-house relations so let me tell you, everyone was excited for school!

The kids were excited but also nervous as they bravely marched into their new surroundings on Tuesday morning.  Each of them had a positive experience which is an answer to prayer!

This neighborhood is proving to be a most interesting one.  It is comprised of many nationalities.  The town of Willmar was a good primer for us with its population of Latin Americans, Somalians, and Northern Europeans.  This neighborhood seems to be filled with countless nationalities.  One of my professors who lives near me told us that he has six neighbors from six different parts of the world!

Being at the school, I could not honestly tell you which nationality is in the majority.  There seems to be a population from the Asian countries, people from India and Pakistan, Middle Eastern people, African Americans, Southern Europeans, Northern Europeans, and Latin Americans.  People almost literally from all around the world!  What an opportunity for our children, I hope they become friends with some children from a cool place in our world.  With my luck, they'll all be friends with Iowans!  Guess you can't get much cooler than that!

Oh by the way, today Emily came home with an assignment.  She needed to go to a library and check out a biography.  We walked two blocks to the nearest library, got a library card, and checked out a biography on Michael Jordan!




Anonymous said...

Hey Guys!!! We love you but you already know that! It is so good to see the smiles on the faces of the kids. And it really sounds interesting and exciting there in Chicago. We have finally connected to the blog now and will get to go back and catch up on everything. Your apartment looks great. Hope there is some more pictures of it. Love you - in touch later.
mary and oscar

Anonymous said...

Luke- you look like a whippersnapper ready for school!

Was Emily able to get a library card, or did she have to go home and get her parents?

We are enjoying your blogs!!
Shawn and Judy

Anonymous said...

Hey guys!! We are so happy to finally connect with your blog. What great smiles on the kids. I love it! We will now go back and get caught up with the previous ones. It appears quite interesting and exciting there. We are very happy for you and will continue to pray for your family. I hope to see some pictures of your apartment. What I see looks great! We love you.
oscar and mary

Unity said...

I am so happy they all had great experiences. Matt filled me in a bit last night. Praying that Emily bonds more with kids in her class. What does Natalie do all day without her sibs?!?!? :-) Oh & FYI--it is Asian Countries, not oriental.

sarah said...

zSo fun! Thanks for the pictures! We LOVE them! SO glad everything went well on the first day! Wish I was teaching Luke Kindergarten though! :) We are coming to see you SOON...I'll call tomorrow! Love you guys!

Becky said...

You guys look great! Emily I love your pigtails. I can't believe Luke is going to school-how exciting! We miss you all! Love, Becky

Eli said...

Seth says Michael Jordan is the greatest player that ever lived. I guess he learned that on the school bus. Maybe Jesse had something to do with it too. ;) haha

You guys look like you're really enjoying the Chicago adventure. God is good. Can't wait to hear more!

B Daniel said...

What great photos, thanks for sharing them! I can't imagine how exciting and maybe scary that was for the kiddos but it looks like they are adjusting very well. Y'all are in our prayers!

Joyce said...

How can the kids all be so much bigger than they were at the parade in Willmar this summer???
I love Alise's new hair style.
Love you all..