Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Fun In Chicago

Well good evening to you all.  Greek class went quickly from 1st grade to 5th grade.  I think we will be in High School in the next day or so. Things move rapidly but so far so good. The best news about that class is that I can take it pass/fail so I do not have to worry about it messing with the GPA.  

The professors at North Park seem very enjoyable.  All of them have made a good first impression on me and I very much look forward to learning from them.

I figure everyone likes pictures so I included a lot of them with this post.  Twice we have taken the family on the El Train.  The kids get a big kick out of it as do the big kids.  Natalie likes it when it "goes really fast" (said with a Natalie lisp). She likes to stand and ride the train without touching anything, which shouldn't surprise many of you.  Of course as it stops and starts, she gets thrown into many different people.  Her light weight, contagious laugh, cute looks, and million dollar smile makes even the tattooed, multi-pierced people smile at her.

The pictures are of us taking the train to a Cold Stone Creamery, then down to Millennium park where this stainless steel bean makes everyone look weird.  Then we took the kids out for Chicago pizza at a famous Chicago eatery called Gino's East.  It is also infamous because in 2004 I made the youth group walk about six miles to find a restaurant right next to it.  We got lost this time but probably only logged 5,294 feet this time.  

Well I better go read some books - I have a few I need to peruse. (working on my seminary vocabulary :)  )




Cheryl P said...

Hi Ostercamps!

I am sorry it took me so long to check out your blog, but I am so glad I got to it today! It blessed my socks off! It is great to see you all laughing, and having a great time in your new home/community. I can almost taste that Chicago pizza!

I was sad that Ted and I couldn't be there for your farewell, but it helped to see the pics. :)

Well, I will be sure to check in on the blog more often - you guys keep on keeping on and go with God!

PS. Alise your hair is adorable!!

Chaun said...

Hey Dave,

Looks like fun! I would love some Chicago pizza right now! Anita, I love the picture of you and Luke. I miss you guys.

Mom O. said...

I love to see you having fun. It is my prayer that part of the Chicago journey will be some wonderful memories. Mom O.