Monday, August 25, 2008

First Day Of School!

So the first day of school finally arrived today!  I donned my new clothes, grabbed my new backpack, gobbled up the eggs, bacon, and pancakes Anita made for me, took my first day of school picture and then headed to class!

Anita threatened most of those things but thankfully the only one that happened was the new backpack.  That was purchased on a somewhat humbling trip to Target as I got in line right behind a couple of 5th graders.  The eggs, bacon, and pancakes would have been nice but totally out of character.  It was good to keep everything somewhat "normal" on this day. :)  Anita thought I should wear a blue shirt and brown tie to look like truly seminary material.  As tempting as that was I resisted.

Appropriately my first seminary class was Greek at 10:45 in the morning.  The professor was very engaging but suddenly I began having flash backs to first grade.  We learned all the letters of the alphabet, we learned the alphabet song, said what each letter sounds like out loud after the professor and then wrote each letter about twenty times.  I included a picture of the worksheet for you so you would believe me.

I told my kids about it and they laughed.  I think they now think less of me.  They were surprised that seminary sounds so cool and important but is actually just like first grade.  The biggest disappointment for me however was that there was no rest time, snack time, or recess time after all our alphabet work!  My how the times have changed, I would hate to be a kid now. 

Hopefully my three classes tomorrow will help me regain some respect around the apartment! 




Dan Sands said...

Leah speaking:

Wow, Dave... Your greek letters are barely recognizable! Good thing it's first grade standards and they don't have "F"s... you'll probably get a "GREAT JOB!!" sticker or something, or this ones more fitting: "You're SPECIAL!!!"

Have a wonderful second day. Maybe if you hit another classmate, you'll get to sit in the naughty chair!!!

Eli said...

You are cracking me up, Dave! I had no idea you were so funny! No offense. :)