Friday, August 15, 2008

The Move In

Besides experiencing a good 'ol Chicago traffic jam and then getting the Chicago Police called to arrest me in the first ten minutes of being at our apartment the move went GREAT!

Of course we were finally about 20 minutes from our new home when the traffic went from flowing nicely to stop and go.  It probably delayed us an hour - welcome to Chicago!

I was excited to find an open spot for our big moving van right in front of our apartment  for us when we arrived.  

My parents were there, my sister from Milwaukee, and my sister-in-law Unity from Chicago.  Shortly my brother Matt (married to Unity) arrived as well.  The first person I met however was Lisa Peterson, who I had last seen in Ecuador.  In 2005 her husband Kurt had been one of our translators on our Churches missions trip to Ecuador.  They are living right below us for the next few months as Kurt is now working at North Park.

After we arrived we went into the apartment to check it out and then came back out to the truck to find out that our neighbor was not in a good mood!  I guess my budget truck was blocking his driveway.  He chewed us out, we moved the truck, and I guess he called the police.  He neglected to tell us about his little phone call but 20 minutes later or so a cruiser came to visit.  The police officer was very nice, (more frustrated with my neighbor than anything), we chatted and he welcomed me to Chicago.  Thankfully without the handcuffs, billy clubs, mace, tazer, and anything else one of Chicago's finest might carry! 

The bad news is Mr. Grumpy (Our affectionate term for our new neighbor) has two large and equally grumpy German Shepards.  The good news is that he will allow me to live out some Scripture.  You know the ones like love thy neighbor, and do good to those who curse you... etc.  We'll be friends, we will just have to see how long that takes, I have three years. :)  

The other good news is that my neighbors in the building to the south of us are an extremely nice couple in their 60's.  They will hopefully allow us to live out Scriptures like send your kids to thy neighbors house so you can catch a nap...etc.  I'll get the reference for you on that one a little later. :)  

Seriously they are very nice and I look forward to getting to know them better.

We arrived to our apartment around 4:30 on Tuesday and had everything moved in by 7:30pm.  This happened thanks to my brother and his wife. (Matt and Unity).  Their friends came and helped us move in, as did some fellow seminary students.  That was wonderful!  After everything was in we wrapped up the day with some Chicago pizza!  Nothing like Chicago pizza!  We were very thankful for the help and for the great food.  Thanks to all!

The last few days have been consumed with trying to get settled in the apartment.  We hope to wrap that up today, Friday.  We haven't really done anything "fun" in Chicago yet.  The plan is to wrap up the apartment today and then see the city a little bit over the weekend.  

In the next couple days we will be able to post much better pictures of our apartment.  It seems bigger than we thought so that is good!  

In Christ,


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