Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Pains of Losing a Tooth!

Look at this loose tooth! For weeks, no, months! - we couldn't look at Luke's smart face without seeing this dangling tooth that lived in his mouth. We tried to bribe Luke with extra money if he'd let us pull the tooth out. Even people outside of our family tried to convince Luke to let them pull his tooth. One night, Dave tried to yank out the tooth while Luke was sleeping! (Probably not a good parent moment, but Luke doesn't know because he never woke up.)

I got so desperate to get the tooth out of Luke's mouth and convinced him to tie a string around it so that he could easily yank it out of there (I took some tugs too). As you can see, that didn't totally go over well and it didn't even work!

Finally! On Sunday morning, Luke bit into a donut and out came the tooth. Who would have thought that a trip to Dunkin' Donuts would do the trick!

Posted by: Anita O.

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sarah said...

Anita- I was busting up...sooo funny! The picture of Luke crying (sorry Luke) but that was really funny! Can't say I was ever a fan of the string thing! Glad that trial is behind you...there is only how many more teeth to go? Now you know thought to just buy the kids a donut! :)