Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Picture Summary of our Past Month

In reverse order from May 28 to June 12, here is our summary. I tried to compact it all, but you can click on the pictures to see them better.

We had to say good-bye to Oscar and Lina. They went back to Sweden and will finish their studies there. We are so blessed to have had these friends here during our first two years at North Park. We will miss them greatly. (June 12)

Blackhawks Fever (June 11)

For our Marklund good-bye party, we went to play Whirlyball. So much fun! (June 9)

Dori and Sylvia came to visit us. We took them to the Shedd Aquarium and enjoyed having them hang around Chicago with us for a few days. Natalie and Sylvia even fell down outside the Shedd and scraped their knees up at the same time. True friends. (June 7)

Grandpa and Grandma O came for a weekend visit and we went to Lake Michigan. The kids are always up for a swim even in cloudy and cold weather! (June 5)

Alise ran a 5K run with her Girls on the Run group. She and I ran together and Alise was great! (June 5)

We enjoyed some Willmar fun in the sun over the Memorial weekend. Emily got to hang out with her friend, Kayla, all weekend. We also had a nice visit with my family, but I was a poor picture taker in Bloomington. (May 30)

Ahhh, the Twins! We enjoyed a game at the new Target Field. The Carlson's and William's joined us in Minneaoplis to watch the Twins. Our night was super fun!! (May 28)

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