Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Perks of Living in Chicago

Recently, I have witnessed 4 perks of living in Chicago. I have pictures to prove it! The first 2 pictures show off the first perk: when the Twins are in town, we can easily head to the Cellular field to cheer them on. Someone in our family actually enjoyed attending all three of the games that the Twins played. (Picture 1: Lonnie Moore was here checking out NPU.)

My dear friend, Marybeth, whom I've known since high school, contacted me as she was on her way to Ethiopia and would have 5 hours in Chicago. So I picked her up at the airport and we enjoyed Chicago pizza together. I was so glad to connect with Marybeth again - another perk of living in the city of Chicago.

Dave was handed four free tickets to the Cubs game last Thursday. So, we cleared our afternoon schedule, made a plan for the kids, called a couple of friends to join us, and headed to Wrigley field for a beautiful afternoon of baseball! Yes, the third perk is a baseball thing again, but that's our family for ya.

The fourth perk is FAMILY! Dave's sister and family came down to Chicago for Saturday as she lives a short distance away in Milwaukee. So we went to the Aquarium together and it was a very fun day! Dave's brother and wife live two miles away (Matt went with us to the Twins game last week but I don't have picture proof), and it's just so fun to have the siblings close! Becky and Krista - you are close to us in our hearts. :)

So there you have it, Chicago does have it's perks!


Tim and Krista Bailey said...

Love the perks!

Anonymous said...

Very fun post! Looks like you've been busy! :) Miss ya!