Saturday, May 2, 2009

Weekend in Winona

Kyle and Tony came down and they were great!  They included the kids and it was so fun to see them both.  (Missed you, Adam)  Here is Luke and Natalie with Kyle.

The girls... Janell, Becky, Anita, and Holly

Alise, Holly, and Seth (Alise didn't let Seth too far out of her sight)

Two things that you have to do at Becky Rice's house (if you are a kid): read books and get your toe nails painted.  Luke only participated in the former.  

Matt, Janell, Emily, and Dave

We enjoyed watching some Twins togeher.  We did squeeze in a Settlers game.  The guys of course were able to play 18 holes of golf in between the rain.  And the hot tub was super.  Great fun!  My camera gave out battery power just as we were lining up to take the group picture so I'm sad that I can't display all of us, but you can see some of our faces.  Thanks for the fun, Friends!

Posted by: Anita O


Anonymous said...

We loved the pictures of your weekend in Winona! Thanks for sharing them! You all look wonderful and we are excited to see you soon!!! Grandmom G.

Anonymous said...

It was definitely a blast in Winona! It was so fun to see the blog about it and we can't wait till the next adventure with you all! Miss you and love you guys! Thanks again for the fun!