Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Oh, the People We Will Meet...

Alise's friend Diana and her family came to our home to stay the night last night.  They did a little sight seeing of Chicago yesterday, and it worked out perfect for them to stop in here for the night (they were on their way back to Willmar from North Carolina).  Alise was in her glory!  What fun to have a sleepover with her treasured friend, Diana.  Alise and Diana had Kindergarten and 1st grade together in Willmar, and Diana came to Wednesday night church with Alise a lot last year, so they had become great friends.  I admit that we all had met the family before in Willmar, but last night we got to host these friends at our home.   Even though their English is not perfect and our Spanish is almost nonexistent, we did get to know each other better.  God bless Ruben, Noami, Jonathan, and Diana!

The two pals

Group shot (Luke and Natalie had gone to bed, they were too tired)

Diana, Jonathan, Luke, Alise, Natalie, and Emily

Buddies for life - these girls are so sweet.

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Anonymous said...

How exciting for Alise, what fun! It's amazing the experiences God puts in our lives! Thanks for sharing, the photos were great!