Monday, October 13, 2008

Escalators and Germaphobes

We encounter more escalators in Chicago.  The new adventure for five out of the six Ostercamp's is to see if they can get on and then off the escalator without ever touching the railings. At first I thought this was a test of their coordination and over-all physical abilities.  I was all for this training as it was at least one redeeming thing to do while immersed in the otherwise unredeemable activity of shopping.  

However, after inquiring about the activity, I found out that the source of it came from our friend, Janell, and did not have anything to do with athletic training at all. No, I guess Janell is a germaphobe (one concerned with germs) and convinced my kids and my wife that the rails where filled with germs and that one should risk falling and breaking an arm, neck, or worse yet getting sucked into the undergirth of the escalator beast in order not to contact a few measly germs.  

To prove the irrational thinking behind this, my common practice is to now firmly plant both hands on the escalator rails, ride it safely, and then lick my hands. Yeah, I know it might seem a little gross, but I strongly believe it is the responsibility of a Father to make sure their kids understand the truth.  So if you hear any reports of any escalator related injuries involving Ostercamp's, you will know why and I should be exonerated of any fault!

Changing the subject, but I would appreciate your prayers.  All of the sudden on Monday I came down with a horrendous cold. It is taking all of my energy, and I really want to be out and about with the rest of the family. Praying it won't last too long!



PS.  Anita thought that I should not joke about prayer.  My disclaimer is to state that while the story is true, it is intended to be humorous.  I always covet your prayers.  Just reading this story should show you how much I need them! It is okay with me if you pray for wisdom rather than health.  :)


Willy said...

It is nice to see that my wife is corrupting others as well. It's always great to hear from you guys!

Anonymous said...

Nice!! I'm loving the blogs, Natalie drinking paint water and Dave getting sick from touching the germs on escalators! Love it! I can't wait to see you guys!

Becky said...

Great story! You always make me laugh. I'll pray for health and wisdom, and safety for your kids. =)

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but I agree with your friend Janell! I guess I was more aware of germs after Shane was born premature and the nurses warned us how many germs are in all of our lives!! Please, if you think you have to hang on to the esculator, don't lick your hand till you have washed it!!! Just reading that made me cringe!!! At least Janell made a good impression on the rest of your "healthy" family!! I too try not to touch esculators or any kind of stairstep handles!
Karen J. (Iowa)
Enjoy your blog!