Thursday, October 9, 2008


Natalie and Culture
So Natalie and I were talking about the dogs next door, and I told her that they wanted to lick her face.  She said, "If you're married and you kiss that's gross, but if you're not married it's okay."  It was out of the blue so I asked her, "You can kiss if you're married, right?"  And she immediately and matter-of-factly replied, "No, if you're married it's gross, but if you're not married it's okay."  WHAT?  Chicago must be corrupting her.

Emily and the Pres.
Emily's 4th grade class had an election for class president.  It turned out to be only a two person race between my Emily and some other 4th grade chic who I'm sure was all talk and no substance.  Not to mentioned, she had no previous political experience and what she promised she most surely could not deliver (I mean a pizza party EVERY day, lets be realistic here!), but she had a lot bigger pocket book backing her campaign, so she won.  Okay sorry about the rant, I guess I'm a little bitter, but when all the votes were counted, Emily came in second to this other girl.  [Who by the way, I am trying to like.  :)]

Since it was a two person race and it was so close they decided to make Emily the Vice President.  The scene is Wednesday night dinner at the Ostercamp's.  Emily entered the room eating a breakfast sausage with her fingers.

Anita says, "Why are you eating with your fingers?", insinuating that Emily should definitely know better since it has not been a common practice in our household.  Emily then proceded to tell us the above vice president story.  I told Emily that I was going to start calling her Sarah. Emily said "what" and then smiled and said, "Oh Sarah Palin."  Anita not hearing Emily said, "Sarah, Sarah who?"  She was trying to figure out why I would call Emily, Sara Chapin as Anita was pretty sure Sara Chapin is not vice president of her class even though she, with her heritage, would be more than qualified!  :)  We let her think and think about it and she couldn't figure it out.  We said then it was a famous Sarah and so then she started thinking about my sister.  Guess you're famous, Sarah O! :)  The gears were starting to smoke so the next hint was something like president....  Finally it clicked and Anita said "Oh Sarah Palin!"  

We laughed heartily, and Alise who had been somewhere, I guess in 'lala' land this whole time perked up and said in a surprised and concerned voice, "Sarah Palin eats with her fingers?"   

So there you have it, I guess our potential Vice President candidate is from the Middle Ages, at least according to Alise.  Of course she is from Alaska maybe not a lot of difference...

You probably had to be there, but rest assured we all had a big laugh as we tried hard to keep our food in our mouths!

Craft Time With Natalie!
So Natalie wants to be craftie like her mother and today's activity was painting!  You know those little kid water color paints where the paint is all dried up and you have to use a wet brush to try to get some paint on the paper.  To use this paint of course you need a little cup to wet the brush and also to clean the brush for your next failed attempt of trying to extract a little bit of dried paint from the plastic tray.  Anyway, Natalie got herself all set up and was painting away.

This is when I enter the room, right when Natalie realized she was very thirsty.  All of the sudden, I see her pick up the paint glass, which surely looked a lot like some kind of exotic juice to her, and take a big sip.  I was proud of myself as I kept a straight face while I chewed her out!


sarah said...

Wow! Congrats to Emily! She must be doing well to be the new kid in school and already be nominated for President!! I'm proud to be the SEOND famous Sarah in Emily's life, but a little disapointed I wasn't first...after all I have probably been in the newspaper more then the first Sarah...:)

Grandma O. said...

Congrats Emily. Demand a recount and this time put in Grandma's vote that should be worth at least 10. Tell Dad I think his slide show is cool. Love, Grandma O