Monday, November 8, 2010

Kid Update

Mya Williams came to Chicago in October for a visit. She did come with her parents and we all had a really great time. Natalie loved having her turn to hold Mya. Natalie is my busy girl. She loves a task whether it be cleaning floors, putting away groceries, or holding a sweet baby. She is eager to help. Today while I was cooking dinner, Natalie declared that she was "usable". I questioned her definition and sure enough, she said that she was bored but that she could be used to help out - usable.

Alise had a 4th grade project due a few weeks ago. She was to research Harriet Tubman and write facts about her, make a puppet, and then dress as Harriet Tubman to do a presentation before her class. Alise was very impressive! Of course, I am a bit bias. I tried to put the video of her on this blog update, but it didn't work. I'll work on something for you, Mom! :)

Emily and I went to Minneapolis to visit my sister and meet her new baby girl, Hannah. What a joy it was to spend some time with my sister and her family. Emily was a great help and she was a joy to travel with!

Luke has often said that he would like to be a professional colorer when he grows up. I have talked him through this and he agrees that being an architect would be fun. So I think that it's all settled. Luke is going to play professional baseball and then retire and be an architect. :) Well, wouldn't ya know! Luke entered a fall coloring contest at a local park and today we found out that he won! His winnings: big pack of DOTS and a gift card to Dunkin Donuts! I'm just sad that I never took a picture of his coloring exhibit.

Another festive Halloween: Emi and Alise are dice, Natalie is a Home Depot worker, and Luke is Darth Vader.

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