Monday, February 8, 2010


There is not a lot of news to report here in the Ostercamp household. Thus the reason why our blog has been so quiet. We have had some visitors in the past month, but my picture-taking has not been great. Angie B. came on January 7, the Carlson's came on the 16th, and Janell came on the 29th. We had much fun with all of them! Now we are in the school and Seminary routine. Emily has been busy with band and basketball. Alise has been taking piano lessons and she is in knitting club. Alise is also looking forward to being in the running club at school starting in March. Luke is still talking a lot. He enjoys reading and anything sports with his dad. Natalie loves to play with her friends and siblings, but she also plays really well on her own at home. I here her whispering as she plays "school" by herself right now. Natalie and I had a photo shoot just now so that you would have something visual from us. Our kids are looking forward to spending some time with there Aunt and Uncle and cousins this weekend! They have 3 days off of school this week so they are headed to Milwaukee. Fun!


Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!
I love the pictures and the story of all of you! Pictures really are worth a thousand words.....especially when they are of my daughter and granddaughter! Very, very nice! Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Finally is right! :) I've been waiting for a blog. Glad you're doing well! Love and miss you all!