Friday, November 6, 2009


We had a super fun time with Matt and Janell Williams. They surprised Emily and brought her very good friend, Kayla Rudie, with them. We enjoyed playing games, visiting the Shedd Aquarium, and eating a free Chipotle meal (by putting tinfoil on your person, Chipotle paid the bill for a burrito!). On the day that we went to the aqaurium, the kids all dressed in their costumes just to be festive. I'll not say more and let the pictures do the talking!

At Shedd wearing the penguin outfits (except for Natalie because she's a pickle head)
Alise, Kayla, Emily, Natalie, Luke

Janell, Anita, Lina, Oscar, Dave, Matt

Posted By: Anita O (and Luke)

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Anonymous said...

Looks like you all had loads of fun! I love it! Janell and Oscar definitely win best use of tin foil award! Too funny! Love you all!