Sunday, September 13, 2009

Our Sink Story

This was how our bathroom looked before Alise had the encounter with the sink. One recent Friday night, I asked Alise to go wash her feet in the sink before bed because they needed washing. It was only about 2 minutes later that I heard a horrible crashing sound coming from the direction of the bathroom and Alise quickly exiting with fright in her eyes. She kept repeating, "It's all my fault."

Yes, Alise caused the bathroom sink to crash to the floor and break into smithereens. Poor Alise had quite a cry because she felt so bad, but I assured her that is was just as much my fault because I should have chosen my words more carefully and had her wash in the tub. I had witnessed that the sink didn't have the most sturdy feel, but I was shocked that my not-so-heavy child could cause this much damage!

Thankfully, North Park came and fixed our sink and look at how nice the replacement is! Now we are trying to decide what to have Alise sit on next. Ha! Maybe our van!


Anonymous said...

Way to go Alise. Your hair is beautiful in the new sink picture.

Anonymous said...

I love it! That is soooo funny! And now you even have cupboard space below your sink! You really lucked out! :) Love you guys!