Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Chicago Summer

We have had a fun summer so far.  I'm not sure why we haven't posted more regularly, but here are some pictures to get everyone caught up on us.

In June, we enjoyed (even though they lost) a Twins game with Dave's brother, Matt.  Joe Nathan showed us his Minnesota Nice and gave out some autographs.  Our kids each got their glove signed by Joe.  Super fun!

In mid-June, Matt and Janell Williams came for a visit.  We tried out something new with them and went to a movie in one of the Chicago parks.  We all set our chairs and blankets over the lawn and the park district treated us to a free movie and popcorn.  

Angie Beckman came for her 3rd visit to Chicago!  We all went for a bike ride to Navy Pier. This activity is now my favorite thing to do in Chicago.  The lake is lovely, the town is busy and striking, and the excercise feels great!  Plus, there is a McDonald's on Navy Pier so the ice cream is fun too.

We took time away from Chicago and journyed to Ohio for Josh and Kaitlyn's wedding.  Luke was a great ring bearer and it was so fun to see Willmar friends.  The picture below is so sweet, I had to include it: Alise taking a dance with TJ Perry.   :)

Our friend, Joleen, from Minneapolis came in July with her daughter Zetta.  We enjoyed a Sunday swim in Lake Michigan.  Pictured kids: Luke, Zetta, Tiffany (Emi's friend), Emily, and Natalie.

Shawn and Judy came to see us last weekend (here we are by the Buckingham Fountain).  We got to enjoy Venetian Night with them where they had a boat parade and super fireworks right by Navy Pier.  I think that you can tell how tuckered out Natalie was at the end of our day.

Posted by: Anita O


Tim and Krista Bailey said...

Thanks for the update! Looks like a fun summer so far. I miss you all.Can't wait to see you in a week or so. Yeah!

Love you,

Anonymous said...

Great update Anita! It's always so fun to see the new pictures and hear what you've been doing. Looks like lots of fun, I can't wait till we can come back again!! Love ya guys!!