Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Grand Easter Weekend!

Happy Easter to you all!  We had an Easter to remember.  I love this time of year when my thoughts reflect on the story of Christ and His resurrection.  What a gift He has given us, and it brings so much joy to my heart!  We went to the Willow Creek Easter service on Saturday night with our friends, Oscar and Lina.  Before we headed to the service, we enjoyed dinner together.  I fixed a real ham (the kind with a bone in it), and the kids colored eggs.  Our dinner was quite enjoyable, and Dave and I decided that we are going to have our Easter dinner on Saturday night as our tradition.  Sunday morning was bright and beautiful. We went to our Ravenswood Covenant Church for Easter breakfast and then enjoyed worshipping with our Ravenswood congragation.  I admit that we left the service a bit early so that we could change from our Easter attire into our Twins attire quickly and head to our train.  What a fun afternoon we had (even though our team lost!) at the outdoor US Cellular Field!  It was so great having our Minnesota Twins in town!  I've decided that we are definitely a baseball family.  (Of course, we love our basketball too)  If any of you missed it, let me know because we also got on Minnesota tv, and we were circled by Bert!  That's been my goal for several years!  You can view our small clip of fame on my facebook page.   

Picture Descriptions: Easter supper arround our dining room table, Our family picture taken at Willow Creek Church, Standing at our Damen train stop waiting to board the southeast bound train, Dave and Natalie with lunch in hand, View from Cellular Field looking towards the big city of Chicago, Twins fans - Emily and Alise, Luke - after a great run around the bases (after the game - ha!)

Posted by: Anita


Becky said...

Great pictures! I love them. It looks so fun. I hope we can have so much fun with our kids as they grow.

PS I am a little sad I didn't make onto the blog when I visited! I'll forgive you this time but next visit I hope to make it. =)

Unity said...

looks like a good time--hey how come we did not get an invite for Saturday night?!?!?! I see how it is.