Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Last weekend I won the title Biggest Loser!  No I didn't lose a bunch of weight, well actually I probably did, but that's only part of the story.  It was a much anticipated weekend as our good friends Josh and Holly Carlson came to visit from Minnesota and I managed to spend the whole weekend losing!

During the weekend we played our favorite board game Cities and Knights 6 times and I managed to lose ALL of them!  The real cruel part of it was when we were playing our last game literally minutes before Josh and Holly had to leave.  They let me get a big lead and I was getting all happy.  I was thinking that is was so appropriate that I should be able to finish off my weekend of losing on a good note when somehow all the sudden (I am currently looking into allegations of cheating) Josh pulls out this 5 or 6 point turn to send me right back to my miserable reality.  

On Friday we took Josh and Holly out for some famous Chicago Hot Dogs at our local hot dog joint called Wolfy's.  I managed to lose those during the night.  Thankfully the sickness only lasted one night but I'm not for sure if I'll be able to go to Ralphy's again.  

Saturday we went to a famous Restuarant called Ed Debevick's.  It's a unique 50's style place where the waiters are paid to be rude.  Our waiter was appalled that our kids had not tried to run away from home yet or that they were not being paid for their grades.  He gathered them around and spent a good twenty minutes helping the kids to negotiate with us until we had a written contract signed by all parties agreeing to a future pay-off for grades.  The kids were pretty excited about their good fortune while I contemplated my future losses.  I'm now encouraging my kids to do less and less homework. 

I have always held an athletic advantage over Anita so I was finally very excited when on Saturday she challenged me to a match of bowling on Josh & Holly's Wii.  I put up a very respectable score of 170 which should have been good enough for a win but Anita got all competitive and just squeaked by me with an amazing score of 210!  Unfortunately she was quite happy. 

Times like these are when you really cling to verses quoted out of context like "The first will be last and the last will be first."  I kind of felt like one of those guys who thinks they are going to be the next American Idol and end up being featured as the next American failure.   That reminds we made a video during the weekend that I think you'll like.  It can be found at this link: www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Uh8HJxH7NY


sarah said...

HILLARIOUS!!! I am just thankful you only have one boy with that kind of dancing going on in your house! I guess I'll know who to send my two boys two before their first highschool dance! Anita...by far the best performance!

sarah said...

HILLARIOUS! I am just thankful you only have one boy with that kind of dancing going on in your house! I guess I know who I'll send my boys to before thier first highschool dance! Anita...by far the best performance!

Debra said...

LOL!!! This was great! Both Mike and I enjoyed it - Rock Band was hillarious!

Anonymous said...

I love it! Thanks again for the awesome week-end, it's always fun to spend time with the O's! It was fun to watch Ostercamp Idol again, that was a hilarious night! I'm just happy we didn't have to do the adult idol like the kids requested, well at least 3 of the 4 of us didn't have to! Sorry Anita! Miss you guys! Holly

Becky said...

Sounds like too much fun! Sorry about all your misfortune Dave, but at least it made for a good post on your blog. It also reminded me of a quote from one of my first graders after losing a game. He stood up and said "Winners are losers and losers are winners and that's in the Bible!"