Tuesday, January 6, 2009


1996 and 2008 turned out to be real similar years in my and Anita's life in that they both consisted of a whole lot of change.  However, in those years Anita and I also saw God working in our lives in ways that were evident, powerful, and downright miraculous.  

My family is now in a fairly unAmerican position of depending on others.  While this position is hard for us as it is so unAmerican, it is not an unChristian position.  In fact the act of being forced to rely on God instead of ourselves is actually much more helpful to our faith than the American dogma of "you can do it yourself."  Through these months we have seen how God is a giver of gifts.  I don't know if our friends and family who have given so much to us have thought of themselves as God's agents, but that is really what they are.  The whole idea is pretty amazing to me, but I am convinced that God Almighty has given to us and He has chosen to do it through some wonderful human beings who are striving to live their lives for God.   We are humbled and thankful to God and to all of those who give as God has given to them.  This year has been an incredible learning experience for us.  I plan to blog a little more in depth on all I have been learning about giving and receiving gifts in the near future.

Anyway, this envelope represents one of the more creative gifts we have been given.  Before Christmas the envelopes kept showing up with gift cards to different stores in them.  They were always written by kids or by adults with very bad handwriting, or by an adult who is right handed but really, really wants to be left handed.  (That is a totally understandable desire).

The envelopes have been stamped by post offices in Denver, St. Cloud, and Sioux Falls.  We are about to break out the microscopes and turn loose all our CSI equipment on the case.  It has been fun to strive to expose the mystery giver, but so far their anonymity has remained intact. This blog is our way to say thanks to the mystery giver and to all of you who have blessed us with prayers and support.  

Our journey continues into 2009!

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sarah said...

Hi! I want to see some pictures of your new fish. NOt that they are more important then this post...cause they're not! :)