Sunday, December 14, 2008

Chicago Snow!

Our 'Countdown To Christmas' chart actually said 'snowflake mania' today.  So we got to create our own snowstorm right here in Chicago.  I realize that it doesn't compare to Willmar's snowstorm, but we tried to get close.  :)  We are counting the days to when we get our Willmar company (Angie B. and Mallory M.) this weekend, and then when we can travel to Bloomington, Willmar, and Iowa for Christmas!  See you all soon!
Posted by:  Anita O.


Anonymous said...

I love your pictures showing what you really do. The snowflakes are a great idea and look quite festive!
Thanks for sharing the activities of your days!
We are excited to see you soon!!
Love, Mom & Grandma G.

Anonymous said...

Hey I really liked the snowflakes. That was a cool idea. I never did learn to cut snowflakes. Maybe it is about time I learned Ha Anxious for you to come home. Love, Grandma O.

buttercup said...

What all is on your countdown to Christmas chart? It looks like a good idea to *borrow* : )

Anonymous said...

What fun! I love the snowflakes and we are counting down the days, not till Christmas but until the Ostercamp arrival! We can't wait to see you all!!

Becky said...

Now you have a real snow storm. I need to create one here in Kentucky!